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Brenna Jansen
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Hedgeview Farm is a local, small-scale vegetable garden owned and operated by Brenna Jansen. The garden is located in Pembroke, on the farm where Brenna grew up – a 3rd generation dairy farmer. While her family no longer farms dairy, the garden thrives where the cows used to pasture. The garden is primarily hand-tended with “slow tools”.

Hedgeview Farm offers roughly 50 different crops in well-over 100 varieties. Brenna’s booth is known for its colourful display and selection. Best sellers include Hedgeview Farm’s famous Spring Mix, which lasts well for at least 1 week. Other popular crops include carrots, beets, kale, beans, and when the weather permits, the most delicious cilantro you will ever eat. Come August, you can find a huge selection of Hedgeview Farm’s gorgeous award-winning garlic, which sells out very quickly.

Brenna employs organic gardening practices including using only untreated, non-GMO seeds. The garden uses loads of compost and green manures – crops like oats/rye/buckwheat, which are grown and turned into the soil to add nutrients and organic matter. To control pest pressure, Brenna uses fine mesh netting and “row covers” on sensitive crops, to exclude unwanted insects. Crops are rotated through the garden to help with the insect and disease pressure – as these things “build up” in the soil when a crop is planted in the same place over and over. Water conserving techniques are also applied including using drip irrigation as well as cover crops/mulches to help cover the soil and retain moisture. These practises also help prevent erosion (wind and water run off) and protect our precious, nutrient-rich top soil. Finally, we plant pollinator friendly areas around the garden, which attract and provide habitat for our crucial pollinators, year-round.

Member: Brenna Jansen
2519B Greenwood Rd Pembroke, ON K8A 6W2
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