Welcome to our 27th market season. Our first market of the year is coming up soon, the Easter Market on March 31, 8 am – 2 pm. A new season is always so exciting, a clean slate, a fresh start. Most of the vendors from previous years will be back, with a few new and innovative vendors joining our team. We will be saying goodbye to a few long-standing members of the Carp Farmers’ Market Association who will be taking a much deserved retirement; a few of the other vendors have used their success at the market as a springboard to new endeavours.

The Easter Market is one of my favourite markets; since we (Connaught Nursery) don’t attend this one market as vendors, I get to go as a customer and get to do all the fun things customers get to do at markets – visiting and shopping!

Dorothy Dobson

Past President, Carp Farmers’ Market

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