Peanut Butter Brownies
The spooky season is upon us! What better way to make use of some of that delectable Halloween candy than with a delicious brownie recipe? Crush up some peanut butter cups and swap them in for the peanuts in this over-the-top brownies recipe!
  • CourseDessert, Snack
  • CuisineTraditional
  1. Preheat oven to 325°F. Grease 9-inch square baking pan. In small saucepan, stir together butter, peanut butter and chocolate over low heat until mixture is smooth. Remove from heat.
  2. In large bowl, whisk sugar with eggs. Whisk in chocolate mixture.
  3. In small bowl, sift together flour, cocoa powder and baking powder; gently fold into chocolate mixture until combined. Stir in peanuts; scrape into prepared pan.
  4. Topping: Dollop peanut butter by 1 tsp over top batter; using knife tip, gently swirl to create marble effect. Sprinkle with peanuts and chocolate chips. Bake until cake tester inserted in centre comes out clean with a few moist crumbs clinging, about 30 minutes. Let cool completely in pan; cut into squares.
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