Asian Style Rainbow Chard Wraps
You may have seen this gorgeously colourful veggie on the stands of our farmer’s recently. Check out this vegetarian recipe that uses rainbow chard in a delicious and healthy wrap!
  • CourseMain Course
  • CuisineAsian
Servings Prep Time
6wraps 15minutes
Servings Prep Time
6wraps 15minutes
  1. First of all, prepare the thin rice noodles following the manufacturer instructions. In my case I just soaked them in boiling hot water for 3 minutes and drained.
  2. Next take the Swiss chard leaves and cut off the stems. In a large pan bring some water to the boil, place the leaves in there and simmer for 20-30 sec.
  3. Remove the leaves, gently rinse them with cold water and dry thoroughly with paper towels, set aside.
  4. Julienne the carrots and cabbage.
  5. Cut the cucumber in half, scrape the seeds out and julienne. Do the same with bell pepper.
  6. Now when all ingredients are cut and ready, take Swiss chard leaf, lay on the kitchen top, neatly place all of the sliced ingredients and rice noodles. Fold in the edges and roll tightly. Repeat with the rest of the leaves.
  7. Serve wraps with sweet and sour dressing – mix of water, finely chopped ginger, chili vinegar salt and sugar.
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