Carp Herb Festival

by Mar 13, 2016Herb

On Sunday, June 26, 2016 the Carp Farmers Market Association (CFMA) will host the first annual Carp Herb Festival on the grounds of the Carp Fair Grounds. This event will help fill the void left when the owners of the Herb Garden in Almonte decided they would no longer host the Ottawa Valley Midsummer Herbfest.

The CFMA has a long history with Herbfest going back to its origins. Many of our members have participated in the event through the years and we have supplied many of their infrastructure needs. Our organizational skills and track record with events such as our Garlic Festival mean that attendees can look forward to pleasant and informative celebration of all things herb related.

The Carp Herb Festival will concentrate on Herbs – growing them, cooking with them, their use in lotions, infusions and other cosmetic and medicinal applications.

The Carp Herb Festival will mark a departure in the organizational approach that has characterized its predecessor. The Carp Farmers Market in all of its 26 years has been a producers’ market. Each of our members is a farmer growing what they sell, a prepared food maker baking and assembling what the sell, or an artisan producing their crafts locally.

Participants in the Carp Herb Festival will meet this criteria.

As well there will be no admission fee to the event, nor will there be a fee for parking.

We look forward to welcoming all those folks who annually made the pilgrimage to the west end of Ottawa to partake in a festival of herbs.

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