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Carp Farmers' Market

Volume 22, Number 12                              July 21, 2018       

Maritza Marcantonio, Editor


This Weeks Market!

This Week's Event


Bee Day! Learn more about the honeybee with our vendors Lacelle’s Apiary. Learn about the importance of bees and see if you can spot the Queen Bee in her hive at our Events Tent!

Information Section

Save the Bees!

• Did you know that one out of every 3 bites of food we eat is a result of pollinators like honeybees? That’s approximately $2 billion annually for the agricultural industry!

• Crops that we all love like blueberries and cherries are dependent on pollination by 90%!

• Canola farmers have a very productive partnership with the honeybee. Not only does the canola plant offer an ideal food source for bees but when pollinated the plant produces a higher yield, making the relationship between honeybee and farmer very important.

• Did you know that the honeybee isn’t native to Canada or North America? European settlers introduced it in the 17th century.

• The most dangerous threat to the honeybee is a parasite called the varroa mite that feeds on the honeybee’s blood and eventually weakens the hive.

• For more interesting facts on honeybees visit


Eco-Friendly Day at the Market

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 1st ever Eco-Friendly Day last Saturday, July 14th. It was so great to see so many of you shopping in a more environmentally friendly way. The winner of our Eco-Friendly Prize Pack is Sherry R.! Congratulations Sherry!

If you didn't get a chance to visit our Hostess Booth yet this season, we will be selling our Carp Market reusable tote bags all season long for only $5!


The Carp Farmers’ Market is the largest producer based Farmers’ Market in Eastern Ontario! The Market is open every Saturday from May until the end of October from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., rain or shine. Entrance and parking are free and the market is wheelchair-accessible.

If you would like to receive up to the date news on all upcoming market events, please “like” us on Facebook (Carp Farmers’ Market) and follow us on Twitter (@Carp_Market). You can also follow us on Instagram (@carpfarmersmarket) for fun photos featuring everything you love about the Carp Market!


Upcoming Events

July 28 – KIDS’ CLUB – Bead Day! Visit our KIDS’ CLUB booth and have fun with beads! Make your own bracelet, necklace or anklet!

August 4 – Birder Day! Learn more about local birds!

August 11 & 12 – Garlic Festival! For 2 days join us as we celebrate anything and everything garlic! With extended hours Saturday, August 11th from 8am to 3pm & Sunday, August 12th, 10am to 3pm take part in our special Garlic Festival themed events and shop from over 100 local vendors! As always parking and admission are FREE, we are wheelchair accessible and pet friendly!


This Weeks Recipe

Roasted Beets with Balsamic Glaze


Bright and colourful roasted beets that make a delicious and healthy side dish. This recipe boasts itself as making even the most skeptical beet eater into a lover of beets.