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Carp Farmers' Market

Volume 21, Number 7                               June 17, 2017       

Maritza Marcantonio, Editor


This Weeks Market!

This Week's Event

BBQ Demo + Father’s Day. Come visit our Events Tent for a BBQ demo pairing Dobson’s Grassfed Beef with salts from The Salty Don!

In honour of our BBQ Demo here's some more info on the benefits of Grass-Fed Beef from Dobson's Grassfed Beef Farm

Grass-Fed Beef, as we define it, is beef that is grass-fed and grass finished. This means that no grain was fed to the cattle at any point in their lifecycle. Our animals also do not receive any supplemental hormones or preventive antibiotics.

In the past ten years or so, more and more research has come out comparing nutrient content of grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef. Some of the major benefits of choosing 100% grass-fed are:

• The ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids is 2:1 (or in some cases 1.53:1, n-6:n-3), which is considered to be the ideal ratio for the human body 

• Grass-fed beef is a significant source of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), a potent antioxidant 

• Beta carotenes, vitamin E and other minerals such as iron and zinc

There is a notion out there that grass-fed beef is “tough” because it is much leaner; because the animals move around more as they graze; and because animals take longer to “finish”. In our experience, grass-fed beef is very tender, but, it is less forgiving when cooking, especially grilling top BBQ steaks. Grass-fed steaks do not like to be over-cooked – medium-rare to medium is best. And yes, there are differences between animals; this is also true with grain fed beef but may be less noticeable due to higher fat/marbling content.

When it comes to taste, there is some difference in flavour. People describe it as richer or full bodied, as they say in wine lingo….  We are asked if our beef is “gamey” – we don’t find that it resembles wild game, but taste is very subjective.

Information Section

Have you heard about our annual Herb Festival? Taking place on Saturday June 24th with extended market hours from 8am to 3pm, come shop from 90+ local vendors for what is sure to be truly unique local event! Come shop from your favourite Carp Market vendors as well as a group of hand-picked Herb Festival vendors! Enjoy the summer weather as you shop local and participate in our special Herb Festival events. This year's featured herb is cilantro!

Here's a rundown of what you can expect:

• 90+ LOCAL vendors 

• International food court

• Cooking demo

• Salsa Contest! (see our Facebook Page for more details!)

• Keynote speaker Herbalist - Carol McGrath 

• Ask the Herbalist table

• Herb growing info session

• Tea tasting 

• FREE parking

• FREE admission

• Wheelchair accessible

• Pet friendly (all dogs must be kept on a maximum 6-foot leash)

More details as to when each special event is scheduled to take place will come closer to the event date.

The Carp Farmers’ Market is the largest producer based Farmers’ Market in Eastern Ontario! The Market is open every Saturday from May until the end of October from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., rain or shine. Entrance and parking are free and the market is wheelchair-accessible.

If you would like to receive up to the date news on all upcoming market events, please “like” us on Facebook (Carp Farmers’ Market) and follow us on Twitter (@Carp_Market). You can also follow us on Instagram (@carpfarmersmarket) for fun photos featuring everything you love about the Carp Market!


Upcoming Events

June 24 - SPECIAL EVENT: 2nd Annual Carp Herb Festival! Join us from 8am to 3pm and celebrate the versatility & diversity of herbs with loads of fresh herbs, cooking demos, tea tasting, ‘Ask The Herbalist’ table & much more! Featured herb is cilantro!

July 1 – CANADA DAY + It’s our Birthday! Come celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday, and our 27th at our BIG birthday bash! There’ll be birthday cake and fun for the whole family including our Canada Day KIDS’ CLUB party!

July 8 – Strawberry Social. Join us for our annual Strawberry Social Fundraiser with the West Carleton Food Access Centre.

July 15 – Bread Day! Join our vendors Wilkies Fresh Baked Bread as they spoil us with delicious bread and compound butter demos!


This Weeks Recipe

Grilled Radishes


A twist on an often-overlooked vegetable, these grilled radishes take the common roasted radish to a whole new level! Serve this up with your favourite BBQ dish for a perfect ‘beginning of summer’ meal (because who wants to use the oven when it feels like an oven outside).