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Carp Farmers' Market

Volume 18, Number 18                              September 6, 2014       

Maritza Marcantonio, Editor


This Weeks Market!

This Week's Event

This Saturday, 3 alpacas from Cheff Fields Farm will be visiting the market! Guests will be able to interact with these interesting animals as well as learn all about alpaca wool, weaving and knitting 


With the back-to-school season upon us, we thought we’d feature an easy recipe the kids are sure to enjoy that incorporates the delicious and fresh corn that is currently available at the market! The recipe of the week is a sweet pepper, corn and black bean quesadilla which not only features the season’s freshest corn but two eyefoods: sweet orange peppers and black beans!

Of all the different coloured peppers, orange peppers contain the highest amount of nutrients that are beneficial to the health of our eyes. Orange peppers are a great source of zeaxanthin, which combined with its sidekick lutein, reduces the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. And if that wasn’t enough, one half of a large orange pepper contains nearly 50% of our daily target of Vitamin C!

Beans are an excellent source of fiber and protein. They’re low in fat which means that they are an excellent food to add to your diet since they not only help our eyes, but our hearts too! Black beans in particular are high in fiber and are a significant source of zinc. The easiest way to incorporate beans into your diet is by using canned beans but be sure to thoroughly rinse them to get rid of any excess sodium.


Upcoming Events

September 13 – Carp Fair Day + Animal Day! Community food advisor and Meet the Animals Day as well as a dog agility demonstration by Wag – the West Carleton Dog Agility Group.

September 20 – KIDS’ CLUB! Design your own butterfly, dragonfly or bug with insect stickers!

September 27 – Closed for Carp Fair. See you next Saturday!

October 4 – Harvest Celebration! Featuring all of the harvest’s best including a soup taste-testing and turkey draw!


This Week's Recipe

Sweet Pepper, Corn & Black Bean Quesadillas 


A quick and easy recipe that's perfect for back-to-school featuring not only the season's freshest corn but two super nutritious eye foods - sweet orange peppers and black beans!