John Moore

Sunday 11:30am

Growing Garlic with Award-Winning Garlic Grower John Moore

John Moore, long-time and award-winning garlic grower was instrumental in getting the Carp Garlic Festival organized 17 years ago, and has been helping with the festival ever since. John has recently retired from growing garlic to sell at the Carp Garlic Festival, but is back to share his knowledge and experience on how to grow, harvest and store garlic. He will also explain how using different varieties of garlic affect each stage of the process, from harvesting to using and enjoying great garlic.

Saturday 2:00pm

Dealing with Leek Moth, Bulb and Stem Nematode and other garlic pests with garlic grower David McCreery

David McCreery, our guest expert and long time garlic grower, will describe serious pests you may encounter growing garlic, propose solutions and answer any questions you may have on these pests, or garlic growing in general.

While David’s operation, Riverside Garden, is not certified organic  he has for several years  grown garlic using only organic methods.  If you are having issues with growing great garlic there is a very good chance that David has already dealt with it. And if you are new to growing garlic, you can learn what problems to watch out for.

David’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in the School of Horticulture and a Master of Science in Park Management.  David had a long and successful career with Parks Canada with specialties in planning and management.

David has been associated with the Carp Farmers’ Market for 15 years including several as the Market’s President.

David continues to be associated with the Federal Department of Agriculture’s attempt to control leek moth using Integrated Pest Management strategies.

David McCreery
Braided Garlic

Sunday August 13, 2017 – 10:30am

Braiding Garlic – Softneck and Hardneck with Catherine Cheff

Catherine Cheff of Cheff Fields Farm (Alpacas, Garlic & Honey) has been growing & braiding award-winning garlic for over 20 years. She will share her enthusiasm and braiding techniques to help you store your garlic longer over the winter.


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